Quilter(s) needed to make a quilt for a Better Business Bureau Event

Hi Edmonton Quilters Guild.
Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Edmonton is hosting the BBB international Assembly in 2018. Our theme for the International Assembly is The Fabric of our Communities. 
With this theme, and BBB's focus on local communities, we were hoping to provide a handmade quilt as the giveaway for this event. We would be paying for the quilt, but are not sure who would be able to make the quilt and what kind of costs we should expect. 
I thought that reaching out to the quilters guild made the most sense to get started on this. The event is occurring in September 2018. We have some ideas of what we would like, but are not set on any idea at this time. 
Please let me know if your group could point me in the direction of one or two people who would be wanting and able to take on this kind of commission.
I thank you so much for your time.



Kathlene Cuthbert, Operations Manager

Better Business Bureau serving Central and Northern Alberta, Northeastern British Columbia, Lloydminster, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories
16102 100 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5P 0L3

p: 780-488-6632 ext. 241
f: 780-482-1150
bbb.org Start with Trust*




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