Handmade for You Boutique

Once again, Quilt Show Committee is providing EDQG members with the opportunity to showcase and sell their work at the Festival of Quilts.

  • Would you like to participate in the Boutique to sell your handmade products?
  • Would you like to add your name to the list of members willing to do quilt commissions or have full size quilts for sale
  • Would you like to volunteer to work in the Members’ Market?

The items for sale should be made by you and be related to quilting or actually be quilted products such as wall hangings, table runners, totes, purses, potholders or quilts of any size and shape…or quilt labels, barn quilts, greeting cards and pictures.

(No second-hand items please! No items that will compete with the Vender Market.)

Please note, the Quilt Show will be entitled to 10% commission of your sales total for this opportunity. In an attempt to “up our game”, there will be a limit to the number of items each person can submit. If you have small items and would like to display more than 10 items, please contact Myrna to discuss this exception.

If you are interested in participating, the Application Form will be put on the web site in January or you can contact Myrna Purser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 780-464-9047.

The Applications will be reviewed and the Boutique Committee will contact those Applicants chosen to participate in the Show. You will then be provided with the necessary pricing and forms for completion prior to the show.

- Susan Mooney, Quilt Show Chair


The Festival Challenge

Quilting is an art that continues to evolve – from piecing that was completely done by hand to machine piecing; from scissors to rotary cutters to machines that will cut pieces from dies; from quilting bees and hand-quilting on frames to all types of machine quilting. What might the future of quilting look like?

Here’s your chance to dream and the only “limits” to this challenge are:

  1. One item used for quilting must be incorporated within your quilt, visible or hidden – for example, a pair of scissors, a template, a sewing machine, etc.
  2. The maximum size is a perimeter of no more than 200 inches.
  3. The item must be quilted.
  4. The challenge is open to individual guild members only.
  5. The number of entries per EDQG member is: One.
  6. All quilts, except those considered three dimensional, must have a hanging sleeve.

This category will not be judged but those attending the 2019 Festival of Quilts will vote for "Viewers Choice" and ribbons will be awarded for the three entries with the most votes.



Festival of Quilts Information


cropped red business card


It is time to mark your 2019 calendars! The dates for the 2019 Festival of Quilts will be June 1st and 2nd. This is the weekend following Heritage Park in Calgary and a couple of weeks prior to Quilt Canada, which is being held in Ottawa.

A look back to books and magazines of 1978 and there are patterns for quilting templates, the use of scissors, and finished quilts with intricate hand-quilting. Today, quilt-makers have rotary cutters in a multitude of designs, acrylic rulers and templates and machine quilting done using domestic machines and long-arms. 2018 has been a year of celebration and reflection on the past 40 years for the members of the Edmonton and District Quilters’ Guild, but in 2019, focus your thoughts to the future….announcing (do you hear the drum roll?) the theme for the EDQG 2019 Festival of Quilts... The Future of Quilting: The Sky’s the Limit! Maybe we can find an app for that!

The show provides an opportunity for guild members to share their work with the public. The quilts on display highlight many different types of quilting - from traditional bed quilts to quilts hung as works of art. There are functional and decorative quilted items, such as table runners, jackets, totes and purses, and bowls.

Members may choose to enter their quilts in judged or non-judged categories, and all quilts are eligible for a
“Viewer’s Choice” award, voted for by those attending the show.

Vendors, specializing in a variety of merchandise designed for quilters, form another aspect of the show and offer demonstrations of new techniques, tools, and other enhancements.



January: Hand-made for You, Boutique Online Sign-up opens

February: Volunteer Recruitment begins

March 1: Online Entry Registration opens

April 30: Online Entry Registration closes

May 30: Quilt Drop-off

May 31: Quilt Judging and Hanging Day

June 1-2: EDQG Festival of Quilts 



Committee Member Welcome

Welcome to the 2019 Quilt Show Committee: Sandra Hamilton, Diane McLellan, Janet Mireault, Myrna Purser, Vicki Robson, Carolynne Ross, Betty Ryder, Ann Schuler, Joan Smith, Charlotte St. Dennis, Charlene Thompson, and
Linda Thorne.








The Category List is to help you begin the process of choosing which quilts will be entered in the show when the online entry form opens on March 1st until April 30th, 2019.

More information will be available in future newsletters and posted on the website for your reference.

And the categories are….

1. Traditional Large – Perimeter is 351 inches or greater

    1. Scrappy – any quilt that is sewn from an assortment of fabrics
    2. Applique – cut shapes that are sewn to a larger piece of material to form a design
    3. Pieced – geometric pieces of fabric sewn together to form a design or block
    4. Paper-pieced – includes English paper piecing and foundation paper piecing
    5. Open – any traditional large quilt not fitting into the other categories

2. Traditional Medium – Perimeter is between 121 and 350 inches

    1. Open – any traditional quilt using any technique of this size

3. Traditional Small – Perimeter is less than 121 inches

    1. Open – any traditional quilt using any technique of this size

4. Modern – any size

    1. Improvisational – pieced without a defined pattern or template
    2. Negative Space – incorporates a creative or significant use of negative space
    3. Modern Traditionalism – modernize a traditional block or pattern with modern design elements
    4. Open - any Modern quilt not fitting into the other Modern categories

5. Art Quilt – any size; must be an original creation and not from a pattern or kit

    1. Portrait – illustrates some recognizable aspect of human or animal form
    2. Landscape – illustrates aspects of natural or man-made scenery or a recognizable object
    3. Embellishment – decorative features added to a quilt including thread play, embroidery (hand or machine), couching, lace, buttons, beading, metal, plastic, etc.
    4. Open – any Art quilt not fitting into the other Art Quilt categories EDQG October 2018 page 10

6. Hand-pieced – any size

    1. Open – any quilt where most of the piecing is done by hand, and where borders and binding may be done by hand or machine

7. Hand-Quilted – any size

    1. Open - any quilt using any technique that is hand-quilted

8. Collage – any size

    1. Open – any quilt using the collage technique

9. 3-D Quilted Items

    1. Open – wearables, bowls, bags, purses, jelly roll rugs, etc.

10. Group Quilts – any size

    1. Open - made by two or more persons who must all be members of EDQG

11. Returning Entrants – any size

    1. This category is for any EDQG member who has not entered the 2013, 2015, or 2017 EDQG Festival of Quilts.

12. “I Have Never Done This Before” Entrants – any size

    1. This category is for any EDQG member who has never entered a quilt in any quilt show.

13. Long-Arm Quilters – any size

    1. This category is for any EDQG member who has completed a quilt using any technique and has quilted it using custom, hand-guided long arm work.

14. Youth - any size

    1. Open – This category is for any youth seventeen (17) years of age and under who is sponsored by an EDQG member.

If you are unsure of the category that would best suit your quilt, please feel free to contact the 2019 EDQG Festival of Quilts Registrar, Carolynne Ross, at 780-435-6548 and she will be pleased to help you.





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