Our Promotional Material Quilts -- Members Quilts from our Last Show

Thank you from the Festival of Quilts committee, communication lead. What a pleasure to have so many beautiful quilts to use as artwork in our promotional material. The difficult part was choosing which ones to use!

Often I hear people say, when they see the ads... "wow, I can't believe that is a quilt".  Since I often only used sections of quilts, I thought lets post the entire quilt and to take the opportunity to  thank all the wonderful ladies who made them.   I feel we should share and celebrate our work with the outside world all year!  

For an enlarged photo of the quilt, please click on the picture.

2016 ANightOutNelms

2016 EclipseHrynew










 A Night Out by Nelms                                                   Eclipse by M. Hrynew

2016 NightOwlsOnThe TownRhoades

2016 MyLifeDanceLogan

My Life Dancing by K. Logan de Chavaz               Night Owls on the Town by E. Rhoades

2016 TheBestNIghtOutCote

2016 NiteOwlsNiteOut Arango








The Best Night Out by J. Cote                             Nite Owls Nite Out by L. Arango

2016 SevenSistersRobson

2016 snapshotsOHara

 Snapshots by M. O'Hara

                                 Seven Sisters by V. Robson

2016  symphonyunder the starsHuntecloseupr











Symphony Under the Stars by Hunter         Night Out on the Underground by M.                                                                                                            Devich


2016IceCreamAnd ParliamentHamilton








Bar Hopping by Bilan Wallace


             Ice Cream and Parliament by S. Hamilton

2016SteppingOutUnderThe Stars Carter

DSC 7531 (2)









                                 Amelia by C. Clendenning

Stepping out Under the Night Stars

 by E. Carter

horse complete

houses cropped









                           Houses by B. Ramsey


Horseplay by E. Montgomery  

                                                                 Lou Punko-Rest in Peace by                             Canola Fields by L. Gravells                            The Group of Seven


quilt 6


2016 MusicBringsTheNightToLifeMireault








                     Music brings the Night to Life by L. Mireault


 Where is the Water? by J. Walton


 I hope in the coming months, as you start to complete your pieces for the upcoming show, you can share with me a few teasers as to what you are working on .... absolutely no names published and not enough to really know what it looks like, but enough to get us excited about what we will see June 3rd. I just might be tempted to go on a scavenger hunt.

Looking forward to seeing the new show quilts. I can't believe how fast the
time is flying.

Yvonne Bilan-Wallace  

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