Brown Bag Raffle at June Banquet

Chachka’s A Yiddish word meaning: a small (usually) showy, collectible trinket/bauble/knickknack/whatnot – handmade.

This year the Endowment Brown Bag Raffle will be Chachka’s. Here is an opportunity to make a small treasure.

I find that I occasionally come across an idea or pattern for something small and I put it in a file and there it sits as I often can’t justify the time it would take to make it but it speaks to my soul and love of making little things. Now there is a use. You get the joy of making it and someone else will get the joy of having it in their collection to display or use in their home. You might want to make two while you are at it so you have one for yourself and one for the raffle.

The justification for making two is that, of course, you would need to do a prototype. Each one will be unique, expressing your own creativity and sense of colour, texture and design.

Ideas to get you thinking – a special bag, glass case, jewelry roll, lingerie bag, small evening bag, a notepad or journal cover, an i-Pad case, a needle case, a bowl or a box, a small wall hanging, an origami doll or bag, mug rugs, a night mask, a shoe bag, a piece of jewelry, a knitted item – cowl, mittens, socks, a piece of embroidery or a combination of techniques that interest and please you.

While you are looking for Christmas present ideas keep a mental list of things that catch your eye. Gather things into a file and then, one quiet day in January, treat yourself to the time to create a Chachka.

- Elinor Burwash, Endowment Committee.

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