Following the business meeting, Program introduces the Featured Speaker. Speakers provide a 45-minute PowerPoint PPT and or a trunk show. Following the Speaker, white-gloved volunteers ready themselves up on stage as all charity quilters are asked to come to the podium to share their name and introduce their project(s).

While the charity quilters are lining up, half a dozen door prizes are awarded. By simply signing your name with one of the two ‘greeters’ your number and name is entered into the evening draw. Shops and Longarm quilters advertising in
the guild newsletter provide prizes or gift certificates worth $30 to $50. Note, the winner must personally accept the prize at the time of the draw.

As quilters showing their own projects line up, the balance of the door prizes are awarded.

Program also holds a “Mystery Draw” each evening. Mystery Tickets are 2 for $1 or a packet of 13 tickets for $5 with monies to fund Programming and workshops. Find sellers at the Program Table or roaming the crowd. The Mystery
Draw is approximately $50+.

To close the evening, any individuals donating charity quilts, or showing their quilts on stage can enter the “Quibit” draw. Find Quibits at the Program table; or you can enter while you are in the lineup. Regardless of the number of projects you bring each meeting, you are ONLY allowed one Quibit per evening. The prize is donated by one of the advertisers. You do not have to be in the auditorium for this draw.


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