January 2017

Our January Guest Speaker will be Judy Dube who will share with us her experiences with “THE GANG” The Grandmothers of Alberta for a New Generation.
Uganda National Grandmother Gathering
Can you imagine … over 400 Ugandan Grandmothers gathered together sharing how HIV/AIDS affected their families and destroyed their communities?
Travel with us to the 1 st National Uganda Grandmother Gathering to hear from these African Grandmothers. Their stories illustrate how, with support from community based organizations, these courageous African women are raising their AIDS orphaned grandchildren while demanding their human rights are met.
Judy Dube, a member of The GANG … Grandmothers of Alberta for a New Generation … had the opportunity to attend this historic event in Oct. 2015 as a delegate with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Judy will share through pictures and stories the strength, resilience, and hope displayed by Ugandan Grandmothers as they and their communities move forward.
jodi dench
Judy (pictured here on the far right) has been a member of the GANG since it began in 2006. She is just completing her responsibilities as Grandmother Regional Liaison between the Grandmother groups in Northern Alberta and the Stephen Lewis Foundation. And yes, you will hear more about The GANG too!
The GANG support the Stephen Lewis Foundation that was launched in 2006 as a Canadian grass roots response to the emerging crisis faced by African grandmothers as they struggled to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS. African grandmothers became parents anew in the midst of the HIV and Aids epidemic.
A decade later, thousands of grandmothers and grand-others are more
committed than ever to raise awareness, build solidarity, and mobilize funds for community based organizations that support African grandmothers and the children in their care. It takes a village to raise a child and The GANG
are here to be part of that village.
gang logo

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