Kathy Logan de Chavez, winner of the Guild Teaching Grant, will be offering a class to members
that focuses on small (and we mean tiny!) art pieces (1 to 2 “).
Working in a small format allows an individual to move quickly from one design idea to another. Kathy’s experience of “working small” has come from making “inchie” quilts, using a 1” format.
With over 200 unique inchies to her name, she continues to explore how to fill a tiny space in interesting and creative ways. She is also exploring miniature prayer flags.
The class will focus on techniques for making, embellishing and displaying inchie art quilts. There
will be opportunity to make prayer flags as well.
Note: This is largely an embellishment class (rather than quilting per se).
Features of the class will include the following:
• making teeny-tiny quilt sandwiches or flags
• bead embellishment
• thread and silk ribbon embroidery
• designing a small surface
• presentation of the final product
Register on guild night. Cost: $40 w/ lunch; October 18, 2014 (tentative); Location: TBA
Supply List (pdf)