Volunteer Roles

Volunteers will be provided free admission to the show at the time of their shift (i.e. Someone coming to the show to be a Quilt Angel or Cashier would not be obliged to pay an admission to the show at the time of their shift). Volunteers who work before the show will be given a coupon for free admission to the show at the end of the Pre Show work. Volunteers attending the show on days when they are not volunteering, or if they volunteered for one of the Pre Show tasks and have already used their “free admission”, will be required to pay an admission. If you volunteer for both days of the show you will get free admission for both days.


Judge Billets

  • Provide accommodation in your home for one of the judges that will be coming to judge the show.  Accommodation to be provided Thursday (May 30) and Friday (June 1)
  • Meals: Supper Thursday if Judge arrives prior to supper;
    Breakfast May 31 and June 1
  • Compensation: $50.00 per night
  • One Billet home must be cat free.

Quilt Receivers

  • Work Thursday PM
  • Work with Registrar to accept quilts being submitted to be displayed at show
  • Must be good with details and organization
  • Must be calm under pressure

Dowel Team:

  • 6 member team to work on Wednesday, May 29 th in the afternoon
  • Access to a truck or panel van (capable of transporting 8 ft. lengths of dowel) would be an asset
  • Travel out of Edmonton (Ardrossan area) to organize dowels
  • Sort dowels into groupings as per the hanging diagram
  • Able to use a “chop saw” to cut/prepare any additional lengths of dowelling that may be required
  • Two people to deliver grouped dowels to venue Thursday PM (or before 9 a.m. Friday)

Judging Room Quilt Holders

  • Tasks include holding quilts up to assist judges with judging process
  • Must be available Friday morning and afternoon

Judging Room Scribes

  • Strong computer skills
  • Must be able to type/use word processing to input judge’s comments
  • Must be available Friday morning and afternoon
  • Shift will be all day Friday

Staging Assistant

  • Will work during the month of May with the Show Staging Coordinator to develop the layout plan.
  • Must be available all day on Friday to assist the Show Staging Coordinator to assist with show staging.
  • Duties/responsibilities during the Show will be as assigned by Show Staging Coordinator.

Quilt Hangers

  • 25-30 Volunteers required
  • Shift may be LONGER than 3 hours. Quilt hangers work until hanging the show is completed.
  • Quilt hangers will be required Friday MORNING (new this year) and Friday late-afternoon/early evening.
  • A light supper is provided for volunteers working Friday evening.
  • Quilt hangers will have the responsibility to hang the display quilts.
  • Must be able to carry bundled quilts to display location.
  • Must be able to climb up and down ladders
  • Must be able to follow hanging diagram provided by show staging committee matching dowels, quilts and locations on the pipe and drape.
  • Must be able to exercise initiative to adjust hanging diagram if quilt sizes do not match the anticipated hanging arrangement.

Vendor Assistant

  • Will be needed late Friday afternoon and during the show to assist the Vendor Market Coordinator
  • Strong people skills to work with Vendors (who might be unhappy or may have to be told “You need to move….”)
  • Shifts/availability during the show to be coordinated with Vendor Market Coordinator


Volunteer shifts will generally be 3 hours in length.
During the show volunteers are asked to check in with the Volunteer Coordinator when they arrive for their shift. In the event a volunteer is unable to attend their schedule shift they are to contact the Volunteer Coordinator.
Water and light refreshments will be provided free of charge to volunteers



  • Team of 2
  • Seated at tables at front and back door of facility
  • Need to be able to make change
  • Need to be able to remain calm under pressure
  • Provide maps, ballots etc. to attendees
  • Must have knowledge of show display areas – What is located where and how to get there.

Quilt Angels

  • Quilt Angels will be assigned locations (Gymnasium, Auditorium, Lobby, Other display areas)
  • Requires standing/walking for duration of shift
  • Observe attendees to ensure that attendees do not touch displays
  • Will wear and carry white gloves so that they can touch quilts to show attendees detail/back etc.
  • Must have knowledge of show display areas – What is located where and how to get there.

Quilt Guardians

  • Quilt Guardians will be seated near each of the exterior exits of the Auditorium and Gymnasium
  • Role is to ensure that no one “liberates” a displayed quilt by removing the quilt through the exit.
  • 2nd role is to ensure fire/emergency exit is not blocked
  • Knowledge of show display areas – What is located where and how to get there – would be an asset
  • Quilt Guardians may want to bring a book or hand work.

Show Ambassadors

  • Must be able to stand/walk about for duration of shift
  • Wanders through the venue assisting attendees to find various displays etc.
  • Assists attendees, quilt angels or quilt guardians as required.

Membership Table

  • A team of two
  • Provide information on EDQG to show attendees

Hand Quilters

  • Situated at the floor quilt frame that will be set up
  • Must be able to hand quilt
  • Demonstrate hand quilting technique to show attendees
  • Instruct/assist attendees who want to try hand quilting

Charity Quilt Ticket Sellers

  • A team of two
  • Sell tickets for the Charity Quilt Raffle
  • Ability to make change

Handmade for you Boutique Assistants

  • Assist with operation of the Handmade for You Boutique
  • Help attendees determine if desired item is available for purchase
  • Take payment for items
  • Help to ensure items that are for sale are not “liberated” by attendees


Take Down Crew

  • Take down the display after close of show on Sunday afternoon
  • Must be able to climb up and down ladders
  • Separate dowels from quilts
  • KEEP QUILTS organized/grouped so that quilts can be returned to members
  • Must be able to carry bundled quilts to distribution point.

Quilt Distributors

  • Work Sunday PM after close of show
  • Work with Registrar to return quilts displayed at show
  • Must be good with details and organization
  • Must be calm under pressure
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